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Lewis Taxis of Abergavenny

The firm was started on October 10, 1963 and since then the family run business has become the key taxi firm in town, offering a fantastic and professional service to the residents of the area.

Keith Lewis, 66, whose parents started the firm began working for them a year later – as soon as he passed his driving test. Keith said,”It has always been a family business, and this I think has been the thing that set it apart from all of the other firms – that connection to history that it has going from my parents to my grandson Shane who is running it now.”

There may have been a slight gap in the years, when the company was sold six years ago, but the Lewis’ never sold their name, and last year, in February 2012 Shane restarted the business, and it is now going stronger than ever.

Shane said, “I do have a big connection with the business, and it seemed right that I should bring it back. And what a connection it is, tied to the area through three generations.

Keith said, “We have our old customers who have used our services for 40 years, and then our newst customers whose parents we use to carry! “So it really can be said to reach every generation of customers as well as the three generations of our family.”

The Lewis family has also had its share of celebrity clients, and some years ago was the regular service of choice for Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr when he was making a film in the area.

“our Phone number is o1873 859839 and for Lewis taxis this is the only number to call “ said Shane.

Despite its short break from the business Lewis Taxis is doing better than ever, with a fleet of seven vehicles and great importance placed on the presentation of all drivers.

Shane said, ‘We make sure all our drivers are well presented in uniform, with our shirts and polos during the day, and on weekend evenings a smart shirt and tie.

“We don’t have a shop window so our advertisement is what people see on the high street, and we have to give the best impression” Drivers also believe in going that extra mile for their customers, offering 24 hour service, and ensuring they get people where they want to be, on time and for a good price.

And what is more this year they will have a new celebratory addition to the fleet, in the form of a newly decorated Vaxhaul Astra with a gold emblem for their Golden Anniversary, something similar to the silver anniversary vab they painted 25 years ago.